1. cthulhu-hand-luke:

    Giorgio Comolo; Galactus & Silver Surfer

    (via voodoozombie87)

  2. My very own doodle in celebration of the Bat’s 75th! :P

  3. Batman sketch by Mike Manley

  4. Spider-Man and Batman by Mark Bagley

  5. Daredevil and Batman by Scott McDaniel

  6. "Punisher/Batman" by John Romita, Jr.

  7. Batman vs. The Punisher by John Romita, Jr.

  8. "This is it, Nightwing—it’s going down." by Mike Manley

  9. "Batman/Punisher" by Barry Kitson

  10. "He roars through streets splashed red nightly." by Mike Manley

  11. "And he serves me well." by Mike Manley

  12. "She moves in grace through mystery." by Mike Manley

  13. "You again! The pretender!" by Graham Nolan

  14. "Grip like iron." by Graham Nolan

  15. "No. You’re broken, Bane." by Mike Manley